Quote of the day:
“The least of learning is done in the classrooms.”
– Thomas Merton

When you’ve lived almost two full decades like I have and went through many phases of school and its fair share of holidays; you actually find yourself to have wasted so much time to the point that you question your level of intelligence back in the older days. Now this time around, it’s 2.17 am in the morning, and I have 10 am classes the very same day. It’s been roughly a full month since my holidays started and I only found out about having classes “tomorrow” just a day or two ago. It was a good break from classes, very much needed and of course, the mental pressure one would have to deal with if he or she were me, was avoided. For a full month, enough said.

Now things have to go back to normal. I have to start my second year in mechanical engineering; I have to begin my third semester in university. I have to go back to the standard hours I had back when I was in secondary school; as it seems, most classes are scheduled much earlier; I like that. I have to take the initiative to slim down a little more; I have to eat less. I need to stop making mistakes, stop skipping classes. I have to make my time worthwhile since I don’t exactly have any income-generating abilities. It’s exactly as said, when you’ve lived almost two entire decades, you really have to be a little more useful; or in perspective, a little less useless; whether or not it’s to society or plainly speaking, to those around you who matter the most in your life.

Maybe this post would serve to be a reminder to set priorities straight, maybe turn a little better when it comes to time management, chase even your slightest dreams or do some of the things you really wanted to do; I don’t know. A quote once said, “Flipping a coin doesn’t decide anything for you; but from that little window of time, you know exactly what result you were hoping for.” So maybe in due time, I would settle all these things. I do have aims; I do have ambitions. Albeit so, I probably lack the wisdom or experience to have those targets executed and achieved.

In recent days, in light of the To LOVEる interest, I found myself producing even more sketches than I’d originally planned for. To date, I’ve spent an approximate 12 to 13 hours in total producing four sketches. A fifth one is currently in progress at the time of the post. With each sketch came increasing production times, as well as deeper detail. I’m definitely no expert at any form of art, let alone simple pencil sketching, but I have to at least admit to myself, those were some nifty pieces. The eyes and hands could use a little help here and there but otherwise, I don’t know; I fell in love with my own pieces. Relating to that, I’ve attempted a purchase of an illustration book online. The catch; it’s only available in Singapore; or at least it’s the nearest available location anyway; and it requires a credit card to purchase. Now I have the slightest idea whether or not the transaction is going to go through, or when it’s gonna arrive in the event it does go through. For now, I can only wait. I’ve seen one or two of the pages already and I might say; that is some ridiculously fantastic art work. Talk about a mechanical-engineer-to-be who loves visual arts.

Well I don’t really have anything else to put here since my last post is already recent enough as it is. But maybe this time, I’ll put in some of the sketches I’ve actually made to remind myself; just because I’m an engineer-to-be, doesn’t mean I can’t produce some fine quality art! The very first sketch in the series is the first image seen. 2.5 hours were spent to produce that one sketch. Every subsequent sketch took a little longer and has an increasing amount of detail. The fourth one took a rough 4 to 5 hours and is arguably the most detailed sketch I’ve made so far.