Quote of the day:
“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.”
– Jane Austen

Yes, so as the title suggests, it’s 3 am in the morning and I’m playing 사랑이에요 on my iPhone/iPod dock (explanation coming soon), but there isn’t a rule in the world that says I can’t publish something at this time, so here goes. I’d probably remember this night considering how painful my back is. I’m not even sure why it’s aching in the first place.

Records show I seem to have two drafts left unpublished. One of which I don’t remember what I intended to write and the other, a recollection of the year 2012 as the new year drew closer. Obviously at this point, I’m about 3 months late considering it’s already the month of April but I’ll probably get that done sometime this week. In any case, there have been a lot of things I’ve done in the past year that I haven’t updated in this blog at it is. Despite having class at 10 am later, despite reducing my hours of sleep, I guess I’ll take the risk of writing. I mean after all, this may be nothing now, but it’s worth more than gold in the many years to come.

So classes have recently started all over again for what looks to be the second semester of uni life. That would mean mad timetables for the next few months and again I must stress, they’re only mad because they have early starting hours and late finishing hours. If the timetable is already permanent, I’d be having 8-hour breaks every Tuesday; simply “delightful”. Another thing to haunt me would be the repeat of the Circuits and Signals subject, simply because I failed it the previous semester. I’d write a story about things like this but really, what’s there to explain about a failure.. Anyway, moving on. This semester also contains 5 subjects with CS replacing the elective everyone else is taking, Academic English. My holidays are expected to be around late July except this time, instead of 3 months, I only get a month off, which is, fair to say, a decently long time already.

Now more for the actual logging. In every man’s world, it is simply integral that he has a hobby, for that is what makes him whole, and for me, that would be, as listed before, being a car enthusiast. Now I’m not exactly early, neither an expert nor having proper basics, but I did start a habit of grabbing Top Gear magazines since the beginning of the year. That being said, it’s April and I’ve not missed an issue yet. Back during my free time within those 3 months I even bothered to look like some basic concepts like how ignition, cooling and transmission systems in cars work. To further be an enthusiast, I finally touched my PS3 (like for the first time in 4 months?) last Friday, playing NFS: Most Wanted. I find it a bit surprising that I didn’t write anything about considering the game is already almost half a year old (and I had my copy on the day it was released). Anyway, there were updates along the way and I suppose I spent about RM110 on it. Part of them were 40%-off bundles so clearly I had to take them. Well that’s one of the things I wanted to catch up on, moving on to the next.

In light of my recent transition to the Korean side of the world, I find that Korea in general has heck a lot to offer, in terms of well, anything. I’ll begin with Running Man. Details can be found anywhere considering its great popularity but the simple idea is; it’s one of better weekly variety game shows just yet. The fact that it’s mostly outdoors also means that you won’t get bored easily, especially with the variety of games and situations available. Initially I didn’t watch much, only jumping between episodes I thought were nice, but I took the initiative to watch everything from the first episode that aired back in 2010. Currently I’m at episode 98 and the latest, if not mistaken, is 137 or 138. Now I’m not sure how to express this, but sometimes Running Man isn’t just all games, which brings me to Korea’s next great thing, lots of female celebrities. Really, Korea boasts some of the prettiest faces out there. And I’m not really one to favor western faces anyway; I am Asian by blood as it is. So there’s one secret out, why I watch Running Man. And also another link, one of Running Man’s prominent cast members, Kim Jong Kook. I’m not normally one to listen to male artists often, or even at all, but he has some of the greater songs I’ve heard so far, and to note, they’re not exactly new songs.

Running Man happens to also be the reason I know IU; this was explained a few posts back. Not going to say much about her because she’s already that awesome anyway, but she does have a running drama, which I’m also happy to announce, that’s airing locally on Astro and in HD. The best part, I don’t even have to catch the times or wait for proper subtitles; the show comes with them and I have PVR services. Now that’s one time constraint problem solved. In any case, details and possibly synopsis to come in future posts. Among other related things, I now have two calendars displayed in my room, one of which features IU and the other a Top Gear calendar which I got from the first issue of the magazine.

In the recent days, I’ve also found time to watch Wreck-It Ralph on my BD system and of course in HD. I mean come on, what don’t I watch in HD nowadays? I’m not going to write any plot or whatever since there are many other websites to explain all that, but my expression goes into the artwork and the evolutions of CGI animations. I know I signed up for that engineer path since 2011, but there will always be a side of me that just wants to draw, draw and draw. I’m nowhere near a novice at such art but I’ve been meaning to find time to just spend hours on a good Google image to just draw Vanellope’s character. I’ve also been meaning to make image sketches of the Mercedes-Benz SLK class and Maple Story’s Mercedes character but there just isn’t time to properly focus everything in. I promised myself one of these days I’d do that and looking at the free hours I have in uni, that may all just be possible.

So I guess that’s that. This is probably the first time I’ve actually spent a whole hour burning the midnight oil to write a post and publish it on the same day. Times to come when I look back at this post, I’m probably gonna think to myself, why I decided write a post which doesn’t seem very purposeful.. Well in any case, that’s all for today, or tonight.

Also, about the iPhone/iPod dock, my dad actually got that from Pavilion over a year and a half ago. He intended to leave it in his office but he didn’t really find a use for it so I took it home. Now it sits in my room, playing music from my iPhone(s) or anything that has an audio jack. It also serves as my senselessly loud alarm.