Quote of the day:
“‘Wrong’ is one of those concepts that depends on witnesses.”
– Scott Adams

Sometimes it can be a great problem to belong to a culture so rich in its family values; but that will come later. This should serve as a reminder as to why I’m writing this in the first place.

As suggested by the quote, a pessimist sees only the dark side of clouds, but let’s face it, darkness isn’t always a bad thing; it all comes down to what one would interpret from it. A philosopher on the other hand thinks otherwise; he sees both, and true to my name, I have to be as wise as said. Wisdom isn’t enough; one needs to be optimistic to make the most out of every possible situation. So Chinese New Year took place on the 10th of February this year around. As with every year, the traditional act of traveling back to my grandparents’ home was inevitable. The midnight of the New Year itself; I received my first pair of red packets; and yes it’s a little strange to write it in Chinese or it’s pinyin form here; from my parents. The very next morning, on the same day, we took off and headed for Bukit Gelugor, Negeri Sembilan and became the third or fourth family to arrive, I suppose.

As of this time, it is the morning of the 4th day of the new year, and I would be leaving for home later that afternoon. The night before, I had been out visiting what I would call my extended family, meeting uncles and second cousins I’ve never seen my entire life; and collecting more red packets while I’m at it. So I guess that would be the last highlight of this Chinese new year. This post is only possible because of a last minute wi-fi borrowing on the afternoon of the 3rd day; otherwise I’d be writing this post a few days or weeks after. After coming here for the 20th year of my life, things feel a little different. Everyone’s older by a year, my uncles and aunts have all aged quite a bit, and every single one of my cousins have grown quite much; given how I’m the second oldest grandchild anyway. So looking at the clock, I find that it’s 2:19 am in the morning; yet I feel a little out of state, because of what I’m about to write next.

As a guy like myself, and probably all guys would be like this, it is perfectly normal to have a crush on someone; and maybe the occasional idea of dreaming of your future, especially when one doesn’t have a girlfriend after 20 years of life, like yours truly. But things get thrown out of whack once you’ve gone too long without having someone around you. And this is where the crazy part starts. As previously mentioned, at the time of writing this paragraph, it is the morning, or rather midnight, of the 4th day of the new year. That being said, I’ve spent about a solid three days here with just about any first relative I would have here. I’ll cut to the chase; either I’m going crazy as I did back in December, or I’m having a crush on my cousin.

As of this paragraph.. I’m rather stuck on words. This is supposed to be a personal blog, yet I find it extremely troublesome to get some sentences going. If anyone would know about this, they would flip out. I’m already flipping out just thinking about any possible consequences. It is now 3:27 am in the morning; and I was talking to Ken Ju over what little wireless reception I have. He managed to throw a lot of sense into me, and having an idea of what people would think, I eventually went back to normal. Sure it may be a short ordeal, but the effects of it are rather confusing. It is now a month after said incident. Things have turned back to the way they were. At the most, we exchanged contacts and kept in touch with each other every now and then. Anyone could easily conclude that it is best that nothing be done about it. Without a doubt, she’s family first, so I’ll let it stick at that. And that would be how different my CNY is this year around.