Quote of the day:
Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.
– Philip K. Dick

So after what looks like a few weeks of inactivity, I’ve returned here once again to reflect on certain things in life. Anyway here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening since June.

– An 87-day long break since A-levels.
– University commencement on the 27th of August.
– Made a handful of friends which needs elaboration.
– Developed a very strong interest in cars.
– Joined the Taylor’s Racing Team.
– Played a lot of bowling and pool lately.
– Got tasked to do some kind of solar boat.
– Quit the Taylor’s Racing Team.

So, it’s the 26th of September which means my birthday is coming up in just a few days. Fun fact, my Gregorian calendar birthday coincides exactly with my lunar calendar birthday which is the 14th day of the 8th month, otherwise known as the day before Mid-Autumn festival. Now I have no idea what this is supposed to imply, but when you get two birthdays on the same day, I think that pretty much counts as something awesome that happens only once in a blue moon. Moving on!

So the 26th of September also marks the 29th day since university started; another coincidence, 29, gotta love that number. Almost 5 weeks have passed since the orientation and one could say I’ve adapted pretty well to the environment they have there. The structure of the building for one makes it more convenient and less tiring to move around as compared to A-levels. And as for the timetable, late starting hours and on certain days, late finishing hours but the gaps in between, where applicable, are often 2 hours long or more. What do I do in my free time? I would be either eating, or playing pool in the student centre or even enjoying a movie in the mini-theatre they have in the library. If it’s not that, then it’s sleeping in the library I suppose.

University has been different in the sense that students now have more free time than whatever their previous level of education was. Despite all this however, university has a way of tiring you out by the end of the day. Classes are often allocated in such a way that they have really early starting times for each first class of the day and really late finishing times for the last class of the day. Sure one may have all the breaks, complete meals, free time, whatever really; but in the end the late hours will eventually kill you. It’s even worse for those participating in extra-curricular activities because those will kill you even more.

And now for my favorite part of the post – cars. In the recent days, or rather a few days after university started, I seemed to have picked up really strong interest in cars. This of course is in part due to a couple of new friends I made. I mean really, I’m enrolled into a mechanical engineering degree program so this is only expected. Weeks before university even started, I even got my hands on Need For Speed: The Run for PS3. Before classes started, I was only a mild player, having completed the main events and had several multiplayer rounds but as of recently, this pretty much got onto a larger scale. Initially, I sucked; enough said. Lately, I’ve been coming out top, not only from the practice, but also some of the knowledge acquired from this newfound interest.

In any case, this post was supposed to be out weeks and weeks before this point in time, but I strictly don’t remember what I was going to write so I’m just gonna let it slide. Up next however, would be some elaboration on long-term plans; something I initially disliked, but found its importance, and of course, things I didn’t cover in the bullet point list above.