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To be visionary

Quote of the day:
There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.
– Pablo Picasso

In the recent days, I kept telling myself; I shouldn’t be the person I was several years ago back in secondary school. I was always one to think with logic and nothing but pure logic. Everything I did had to be based on intuition and calculated risk. Clearly, if the risk wasn’t worth it, I wasn’t supposed to do it. This nature has also led to a big problem with pride especially when related to intelligence. To date, I still carry that trait and I’m trying to reduce it even if it means defying myself.

Ever since the ending of SPM times and the beginning of this whole AKB fandom, to an extent some may call an obsession, I’ve been trying to readjust myself to be more balanced. I don’t just want to be the smart guy and that’s the end of the line just like that. I want to carry on whatever I have, release some of this pride and be more creative, more outgoing and more visionary. I’ll add another quote from a picture I found some time earlier. We should have clear sights of our goals, but we don’t want to just stare at it and do absolutely nothing. A vision must come with an action. However, the said vision must start from something in particular. With that, one must be forever optimistic and ignore all obstacles along the way.

The AS final exams have begun for me at least a week and a half ago and so far, it’s been progressing rather well. The practical paper for chemistry wasn’t that dreadful while the physics paper was comparatively easy compared to the previous experiments we did. With relation to goals, I still don’t have a particular one in sight when it comes to my life in full. All I can say for now is that I need that perfect score from my exams. Whether that is achievable or otherwise, that is another question.

Now onto the real reason of the post. Weeks ago, probably a week or two, I’ve read of a story where a lucky boy got to literally hang out with members of AKB48 during the 「Everyday, カチューシャ」 single recording period in Guam. The boy, whose father was a loyal fan of AKB48, informed him of their arrival and decided to snag a quick look at how things went down at the set. He was a local resident himself and he was living the dream. Management took notice of him when he appeared and even gave him tasks for the girls in order to make it look as normal as possible. He had plenty of conversations with the girls and the best part was that he got to take pictures under the condition that he needed to maintain strict camera rules and regulations.

Pictures would explain this further but that paragraph above alone is enough to explain how much I want that to happen in my own life. This isn’t the only event that’s compelled me to write this post. I may be crazy or obsessed or whatever, but I had a number of dreams that were related to some of the members themselves. There’s no point into explaining how the dream went considering it was totally nonsensical and impossible to occur in this world we live in. Some say that people who appear in your dreams could be people from the past or the future. I’ll never know if that is true or otherwise but maybe it’s an indication?

Now, some information on the ’48 groups themselves. AKB48’s sister group, NMB48, has recently started a big chain of releases starting a couple of weeks ago when the AS exams have just started. While NMB’s and AKB’s singles have been released, SKE’s latest single is next in line, followed by a couple of subunit tracks. Thus far, I have added 3 new songs into my CD and readjusted a couple of tracks, bringing the total number of tracks to 34. That’s as much as I have for now.

A very important event of AKB48 is about to take soon, namely the AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 for 2012. News indicate that the event will no longer be held at Shibuya-AX, but rather at the larger Tokyo Dome City Hall, reported to be able to seat 3,100 people instead of AX’s 1,500-person capacity. The upcoming concert will span over 4 days as usual but have newer restrictions which limit the set list to strictly singles and stages only. All subunits and solo tracks will be performed in a separate event sometime later. The event will be held from 19th to the 22nd of January. I don’t know what the odds are of me attending that event live, but I certainly hope there’s that chance. If at all that fails, maybe I’ll have to resolve to downloading from scratch and who knows how long it would take for them to upload the entire thing.

To have a dream, a goal, or a vision means to have something set in mind. With that, a plan must be formed, carried out, and set in stone. With all that aside, I still have the intention to meet Maeda Atsuko in person one day. There are currently way too many limiters that I myself cannot identify. At this point, I’m really lost of words. I’ll put it this way; you want to do something but there are so many things that prohibit you from doing such things. Maybe some time in the future, I’ll get to meet her even if it is just for a couple of minutes, or even seconds. All I have to do is to remain continuously optimistic and hope for the best. Until then, I have to work my way to that stage. I just know, somehow, I’ll be able to do it someday.


Quote of the day:
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
– Arthur Schopenhauer

Sometimes writing senseless points can be quite meaningful. Yes, that sentence pretty much contradicted itself, but what matters is I get the job done right? Another day passes on; a quiet one at that and the AS final exams start to draw closer and closer. At the time of post, I have an approximate 4 days to go when rounded to the nearest day and I’ve STILL yet to start on any serious work. I don’t want to invite trouble or anything but I really can’t find the right mood to start on the work. Maybe tomorrow, it’s got to be soon enough or I will suffer big time later on.

A recent thing is that the iOS 5 was released today. However I was stupid enough not to be aware about the fact that it is not ready for an untethered jailbreak yet and hence, I’m stuck at this new version momentarily without any of my usual apps. Well it could be a good thing. For one, it means lesser distractions. On another hand, I have no access to my Japanese learning tool and a lot of other things for the next few days or even weeks.

Well unlike other posts, this one doesn’t serve much of a purpose. In the end, I suppose this post is not even going to net 500 words but an attempt is an attempt nonetheless. The only thing left to do now is to fix up my phone, prepare for the AS final exams for real and not goof off, spam more and more AKB music everyday and last but not least, get priorities straight and enjoy life. Talent struck Maeda Atsuko (yet another reference from my sweetheart idol) and I’ll compensate for that by hitting what no one else is able to see, my success. That should be it for now.

What we do and why we do it

Quote of the day:
“You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”
– Douglas Adams

At any rate, we are always learning about something. It’s been some time ever since my last post which apparently goes back to 24th August. A lot has gone on in these few weeks like a bunch of holidays, preparation for AS exams, AS trial exams, and more things in typical plain old life itself. As much as I told myself to blog a little more often, I couldn’t bring myself to it. What is this supposed to mean? My laziness is being taken to a whole new level? Or do I really have that few things to write about? I can’t tell myself, but what remains true is that I need to keep writing if this whole project were to carry on further.

For one, the 2011 remake of Hana Kimi has ended somewhere in the recent weeks. Apparently it was one episode shorter than its previous counterpart. Not that I’m unhappy about it or anything but then again I wish I could see my idol a little more in action. So much for Maeda keeping short hair now. Ratings were low as it was throughout the other episodes; now that I wish I could do something about it. Related AKB news include a recent じゃんけん大会 (Janken Taikai) or a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament which was held to determine the 16-member lineup for the upcoming 24th single later in December and what better way to clear the competition by having Shinoda Mariko to come out top. Among the sadder things include Maeda and Yuko both losing in their first rounds. Other than that, a 23rd single is due release on 26th October, yet I already have a slightly shorter version on that. I also finally took the time to download the entire ここにいたこと album in which 3 of the 10 original songs in the album made it into my self-burned CD.

That’s pretty much what I have for now regarding AKB. Not as little as I thought I had. The next update would be all-college. First off, my trial results turned out much worse than what I expected. There were no A grades and the highest was just two Bs coming from physics and maths. The other two subjects were graded C, for thinking skills and E for chemistry no thanks the blasted organic component of the exam which covered at least a third of the paper. From the time of post, I’ve left another 5 days before the actual AS exams and the first paper is the chemistry practical one. Not that one can actually practice on that paper but I haven’t been doing my share of work as of late. Procrastinating more and more each day will only lead to a heap of work to cover things up. Long story short, must work, or else.

Next thing came my birthday which was as plain as ever. All went pretty normal just like every year. A simple cake, a tired day from school which is now college, and a random gift out of nowhere. While the Vios itself was counted a much earlier gift, I got a Sony S-Frame anyway when I woke up from my evening nap. It was a digital photo frame which supported all sorts of input and had 2 GB internal memory as well. I took the opportunity to transfer at least 700 of my pictures from when me and my brother were in Japan. The only downside to it is that for it to work, it needed an input power source. Since there’s no space to put it for now, it remains unpowered in my room.

Time for the rant section. I can’t understand why dogs, not literally, exist in this world that we live in. It’s been a strongly established fact that humans are selfish, but why do some have to be that and be stupid? I hate that some people have nothing better to do other than to disturb others’ lives and the worst part is that they always get away with it. Something needs to be done about these people and it’s not gonna need only the general public, but even authorities need to take action on this or we will all perish very soon. I don’t understand it. Why do they do that? Why do they need to make people suffer? If peace and simplicity will not work, we use violence to solve the problem. However, advice has said over a billion times, violence never resolves anything. Fine, then what do we use to resolve it? War is necessary for one to win. No matter how one tries to dodge it, it will be forever inevitable if one side remains stubborn. I can only hope something changes soon, for I really cannot live this kind of quiet lifestyle already.