Quote of the day:
“Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds.”
– Samuel Butler

Right, about time an update to this blog was made considering how the last update there ever was was written nearly two months ago. I’m was in the middle of my 2-week semester break and it just ended on Monday which was two days ago. From then on, it would be two continuous months of brain grinding as well as trial exams, more mock exams, and so on so forth. As far as this is concerned, my life isn’t getting anymore interesting than it is right now. The only couple of things I did during these holidays were playing more and more games, not so much studying, more pondering in certain aspects in life, and maybe a little more bonding with my family. Other than that, everything else is still square as it was when that square was formed.

Time for the actual post. It just felt like the blog needed some updating all because I haven’t written anything for at least a month. Let’s see, my first semester examinations commenced two weeks before this and lasted for three days. Despite being much smaller than just about any level of examination I took in school over the years, those exams were undoubtedly tough. Not exactly what I expected, which was much tougher than what I sat for, but it was tough enough that I scored only a single A, two Bs and a single C while I expected a lowest grade of only B. Post exams, a few classmates somehow managed to get me to agree to bringing them to Sunway Pyramid for some kind of outing or so. In the end, we didn’t do much; except watch a movie, do some bowling, and after leaving, have a round of pool for about an hour or so at the food court near the college itself. I guess that would sum it up for the college bit. Now, on to the holidays.

From here on, this post shall not be of any chronological order and well, I’ll pretty much add things as I go along. We’ll start with the AKB48 Senbatsu Elections which were carried out from the time Everyday,カチューシャ was released up to 9th June 2011. 2011’s event was something I managed to follow not live, but through the internet. There was coverage in several theaters spread over a number of countries. Those who managed to obtain tickets would be able to watch the entire event live from that theater itself. How, I suppose it’s through live streaming or something. Whatever the case though, I wish I had one of those but sadly, they don’t offer it where I’m living whatsoever. The events were pretty much intense too, given the amount of reception it has attained in that one or two hours. While some of the members retained their ranks, a number of them showed some huge differences. These were the key events that occurred:

– 前田敦子 regaining her 1st position as well as center for the upcoming 22nd Single due 24th August 2011
– 大島優子 falling only one step behind to 2nd position
– 柏木由紀 jumping from an out-of-nowhere 8th to 5th position
– 指腹梨乃 jumping from an even more out-of-nowhere 19th to 9th position, making her eligible for the Media Senbatsu category
– 横山由比 from non-ranked the previous year to 19th

Of course there were a couple of other key events, but I suppose these were my key events for the day. The votes were then tallied up on that one day and clearly, Maeda Atsuko was the winner, reclaiming her “throne” and center position for the next single. As much as I wanted Yuko to hold the top positions, it didn’t really matter much to be simply because I love them both, though it seems this “love” I have for them seems to be balancing itself instead of the all-Yuko support I had previously. It’s healthy nonetheless. Nobody can blame me for liking such a sweetheart. On to the voting coverages: This year’s numbers were huge compared to last year and by huge, I mean at least quadruple the scale as compared to 2010. While last year’s champion, Oshima Yuko won an approximate 30,000 votes, it is only equivalent to about the 10th rank score if memory serves. The lowest rank score announced was nearly 5,000 votes for the 40th position. By the time the ranks went into the top 10, the numbers started multiplying quickly. And now, for the moment we’ve all be waiting for, the actual numbers for Media Senbatsu (1st to 21st ranks).

#1: 前田敦子 – 139,892
#2: 大島優子 – 122,843
#3: 柏木由紀 – 74,252
#4: 篠田麻里子 – 60,539
#5: 渡辺麻友 – 59,118
#6: 小嶋陽菜 – 52,920
#7: 高橋みなみ – 52,790
#8: 板野友美 – 50,403
#9: 指腹梨乃 – 45,277
#10: 松井玲奈 – 36,929
#11: 宮澤佐江 – 33,500
#12: 高城亜樹 – 31,009
#13: 北原里英 – 27,957
#14: 松井珠理奈 – 27,804
#15: 峯岸みなみ – 26,070
#16: 河西智美 – 22,857
#17: 秋元才加 – 17,154
#18: 佐藤亜美菜 – 16,574
#19: 横山由比 – 16,455
#20: 増田有華 – 14,137
#21: 倉持明日香 – 12,387

I think I’ll cover the rest of the details when I find some actual spare time. Now.. Off to sleep. Post done, for now.