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April comes to its end

Quote of the day:
“The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”
– Robert Frost

April has been quite a month and it has one thing to be noted on, namely this month being the month of many changes, or maybe not as many as I thought it would be. For starters, I seem to be having the syndrome as stated in the above quotation. Why? Because it’s been almost a full month since I started college, and driving for that matter, and the studies are taking its toll on my mental capability. In any case, that isn’t much to note on, so moving on.

I collected my P license on the 11th of April. It was a fine Monday, or maybe not so because it was going to rain after a while that afternoon. Had a cup of iced Milo as always in a coffee shop near my old home with my dad as well. Now that I think about it, April was quite a fast month, fast enough to decide that nothing much really happened. Following that, LAN classes for Malaysian Studies took place over the course of a full week from the 7th to the 13th. January intakes students, as we were informed, had to undergo this entire program, supposedly for 14 weeks. Unlike them, we from the March intake finished that program in a matter of only 5 days, excluding weekends. The final exam was conducted only a couple of days ago on the 21st of April. Speed has no better definition than this.

And now to plug in a number of things about AKB48. For starters, I got myself a bundle of CD-RWs (or CD-Rewritable) that allowed one to burn data into the disc so that it could be played by a media player corresponding to the data format (automatically decided by the burner). So far, there’s a good number of 15 songs, 13 of which are AKB48 and the other 2 being SKE48, burned into that CD. That CD is then played every morning in the Toyota Vios that I now drive (with supervision) every weekday to college. Though soon enough, my driving sessions will get lonely seeing as my uncle and/or dad will stop accompanying me in about a week or two.

With further news related to AKB48, a new single entitled 「Everyday、カチューシャ」 will be released exactly one month from this post’s written date, or specifically 25th May, 2011. From what I know, most of the singles in which their release dates are close to this date will contain a special voting ticket for the AKB48 2011 22nd Single Senbatsu Election which will be tallied and further on, results would be announced somewhere in the third-to-last quarter of the year. With that, it is hoped that 大島優子 (Oshima Yuko) or 前田敦子 (Maeda Atsuko) will hold the top two spots, which they most likely will. Until then, no point looking too far ahead, I’ll just wait for the upcoming 21st single first.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure by the end of this post, April didn’t sound like much. Conclusion, I’ll end this post right here, until further notice. The end.


Quote of the day:
“Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well.”
– Samuel Butler

Yet another quote that seems to go well. In any case whatsoever, I had finished my first week of college just days ago. I’m currently a Taylor’s College student in Subang Jaya, enrolled into the Cambridge A-Levels program. And that’s about it, I guess. The whole program so far seems to be more or less identical to SPM but the key difference is in how the treatment is. For example, you’re allowed to wear practically anything, as long as it seems suitable. Also, you are not limited in terms of food choice. I’m seriously not good at this considering I’ve run out of points already..

Following that tiny little segment is the recent event: AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2011! As far as the event is concerned, it was once delayed due to the extensive damage caused from the 2011 earthquake incident that happened over a few weeks ago. However, I don’t think that much of an earthquake can stop AKB48 from rocking the world. The event consists of the top 100 songs voted by the fans of AKB48 themselves. Every quarter of that list, or 25 songs, is performed live at Shibuya-AX, near the Yoyogi National Stadium located in Tokyo, spanning over a course of 4 days.

I’m currently running through the second DVD and it’s a surprise that AKB48’s debut single, Sakura no Hanabiratachi has ranked 76th while I was expecting it to be in at least the top half. On a side note, AKB48 has produced other more catchy songs that I never seem to have heard of for the past few months. With that, I shall continue watching that concert. In fact, I’ll do it right now.