Quote of the day:
“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”
– Frances Willard

I know I’ve used this quote sometime before.. But I believe it is time to use it again.

Okay, things didn’t go exactly as I planned. I called her some night because I was told something bad had happened. In a rush, I quickly settled my stuff and called her. Apparently, she got into a fight with her mom and as a result, will get her phone confiscated the next day up to over the next few weeks. At first, this was no big deal, but the next day, something went terribly wrong.

It was the next day. Everything seemed normal in school and what not, and generally, it was so normal, I cannot explain how anymore normal this whole day could get, until later that evening. I figured that if her phone was confiscated, might as well drop by, and so I did. I rung the doorbell, and her mom was at the doorstep. At first sight, I immediately greeted her politely, following a question of whether she was home or not. Apparently, she was showering, so I can’t do much once again. I was told to come back later, but I didn’t anyways, since that would be disrespectful.

In hopes that she still had possession of her phone, I called her several hours later at night. That was when the worse news came in. I was told that her mother was already aware of the entire situation. Obviously, that was a bad thing. In response to that, she was given only one option. She was told by her mom to tell right towards me that we will have to split. As for the reason to that, I have no idea yet. Followed by that was a big hit to my emotional self and of course, that had some negative side effects.

The next day, everything seemed neutral and what not, and I tried to proceed as per normal. I kept thinking as to what I did wrong or what I may not have done to place a bad first impression. After all, I only spoke, or met, for that matter of fact, her parents only once. And even that was on her doorstep, not even inside her house. So yes, that kept me thinking for a very long time. After that, I wasn’t really sure of myself anymore, and confidence was dwindling down into very small numbers. I was literally heartsick.

Another day later, I had some sense knocked into me, thanks to my three friends, Ken Ju, Fion, and Elvis. They were helpful enough to spend their time scolding, complaining, but I understood and was aware that all of those was for my own good. As the quote followed, no point wasting time in friction when it could be turned into momentum. I was made aware that I had no fault, or at least I think I didn’t. Fion coined that idea in the first place, but I needed reassurance, so I told Elvis everything.

Elvis was in fact the oldest and by far, logically, the most experienced person I told. After all, he’s 25 and he’s nonetheless a tutor with great knowledge. He knocked more sense into me after a tuition class by telling me many things over a course of 40 minutes. I had to thank him and Fion for all that. They’re most definitely right about what they said. There isn’t a point to pursue such a thing if there isn’t any support coming from the other party. It’s not her fault, I know, but I would still prefer to know more of the situation.

Now’s not the time, really. I have only 17 days left before my SPM trials. It’s really not the time to be worried over such minor things. Sure, at times, events clash and things don’t go in your preferred way. I’ve been told to never regret any action in the past. There isn’t anything to regret over when you have that chance again some other time. Until then, why not excel further? After all, there’s always a better tomorrow, a better future, waiting for me out there.