Quote of the day:
“When a man is fighting blindly, best to just back out.”
– Jackie Chan

It’s been a while since there was any update.. Right, it’s already mid-June, which means primarily one thing, SPM is drawing closer. Not that I want it or anything.. New stuff showed up into my life over the past few weeks. To sum up:

26th May 2010
I got myself my very first set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Not only that, but it was actually an entire booster box. Took me RM216 for 150 cards. Worth it? Well, maybe for me anyways. I managed to get myself a really good set of cards, though good set isn’t supposed to be confused with easy to use. Nonetheless, a little trading with Ken Ju did a thing or two. The deck I have looks more balanced, one way or another. That same day, I watched Shrek Forever After. The movie was pretty above average for me. It brought partially nostalgic moments of the first movie which was way long ago.

4th June 2010
Well, this one’s imminent. This very post is my first post written through my brand new Alienware M15x. This laptop is by far an extreme upgrade to my HP Pavilion dv1626ts I had from 4 years ago. The laptop is fully equipped with a 1.9 GHz Intel i7 Core Processor with 1 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M along with a 15.6″ WXGA Widescreen. This by far beats any specifications I had over the previous years. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to throw the old laptop or anything, since it’s still extremely usable. Put that together with my Razer Naga and a few other equipment and this Alienware will be my best laptop for the years to come. In case anyone doesn’t know already, Alienware is expensive (costed me RM6,250) and is super game-orientated.

14th June 2010
Went to 1U yesterday with yet another movie experience. The previous night, a blackout occurred for a petty 10 minutes. Then, during that day itself, the power went out for 8 hours. How amazing.. That’s pretty much how the 1U thing was coined out. Since Ken Ju’s family was also out, we both took the opportunity to head out to 1U together. Before the movie, I took the chance to get myself some card sleeves that were matching with the booster box set that I got. After some time eating, we went in to watch The Karate Kid. Ironic how the movie is named after karate when the movie was based on kung fu. Either way, another Jackie Chan movie, so yay for my mom and family.

I downloaded the complete set of Digimon Adventure for the first two seasons. Things are way different now considering I watched it first when I was only a kid at six or seven. Either way, my conception over things, once again has deviated further from my original thoughts, in general. Not that I’ve watched everything, but I’m getting there. I’m almost done with the second season. Some of the things I learned include 8 very important qualities and something about a purpose in life. Case in point, a lot has been learned.

Everything went out clean for these first two weeks of June so far. Mid-year exam results are pending and I just hope I don’t screw up, period. The Alienware is new, but it’s also at risk, sadly for me. At least I have something to look forward to, but there isn’t a guarantee that I will like it very much.