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Mid-May and stuff

Quote of the day:
“Never go out to meet trouble. If you will just sit still, nine cases out of ten someone will intercept it before it reaches you.”
– Calvin Coolidge

Life builds up again as it is now the mid of May.. Time flies too quickly if anyone asks me as such. Either way, the mid-year exams started last two days, carrying some of my worst subjects including History. Least to essay, it may be possible for me to actually pass.. Physics-wise, I took the first paper yesterday, bringing by overall result a lot higher than well, without it.

Well yeah, nothing much changed, except May feels a lot more lonely than I thought. First of all, I found out I lost at least RM300 in cash value. That alone saying, I took an initiative into piling up all the money I have instead of using it. That alone saying.. I managed to pile up RM210 over the course of one week. That’s a quick way to cover up losses..

I haven’t watched How To Train Your Dragon a sixth time yet, but I read more of the 5th installment of the novel series. Things had to come to a halt when the exams started, obviously. There’s about a week and a half to go before the exams actually finish. Either way, study is required at hand. Nonetheless, gaming tools such as Band Hero were required to knock me out of that bored state.

Once again, nostalgia comes into play as this was the blog’s primary purpose. About a week ago, my kid brother downloaded the Digimon Digital Card Battle game, which was originally a PS1 game, into his PSP. Being one of my favorite games over the previous five years, at least, I got sucked into playing it. Ultimately, I ended up completing 60% of the game. That however, wasn’t the very nostalgic part.

The act of me playing the game caught up to a new idea. I decided to download the original Digimon Adventure series which was first aired in 1999. It was really amazing to know that shows back then still had much, much more originality than most of the series aired today. I downloaded the first 18 episodes (of 54 for the first season) and watched 11 of them already. It was extremely reminiscent and generally, a much needed sensation since there wasn’t much of a decent show, especially from 1999. Not only that, hard to imagine I was just 6 years old back then, and I was watching it already.

On other random facts, Ken Ju managed to poison me into playing a super old game, Starcraft, first released in 1994, if facts are not messed up. Despite the horrible graphics, it was actually rated, and is still rated, the world number one strategy game of all time. Word has it that there will be a Starcraft II in July later this year. I also took one round at the board game, which took me a half hour to understand, and another 150 minutes to finish one complete round. Case in point, it was long. Nonetheless, May has been interesting, up to now at least.


Just another month by

Quote of the day:
“There are people whom one loves immediately and forever. Even to know they are alive in the world with one is quite enough.”
– Nancy Spain

As far as time is concerned, it’s already May. Things haven’t changed much from April, except that I’ve learned much more than before. For starters, I learned that Biology can be a very useful thing when reading books, especially novels. Of course, through reading, you get to learn tons of things.

Throughout the remains of April, the awareness of the mid-year exams was building up. Even so, I didn’t do much about it, and delaying it all the way to the edge of time before the exams are just about to begin.

I felt more lost about my current position over the past few days. I mean yeah, things and thoughts definitely take time to change. Interests build up, everything else dies down. First thing was first, my interest in writing fiction, originally coined up two years ago, is starting to build again, only that I haven’t exactly started writing anything in point.

Next up, there was this thing in sketching arts. This was ESPECIALLY weird since I never had a powerful artistic background. Least to say, I didn’t even have an artistic background or never bothered to have one. That goes to show that movies with dragons can affect me very, very easily. I actually spent an hour trying to sketch a picture from the How To Train Your Dragon novel cover for the first book. Not only that, but I also spent another rough 90 minutes on the third cover.

That was ultimately weird for an arts-less (self-deemed) person like me. As of now, I’m looking for more drawing materials, knowing that the art will keep me company and well, I couldn’t think of a person who doesn’t like dragons. Yes, I’m promoting the movie, but only because it deserves to be promoted. With that, there was a report that indicated a sequel release to the first movie somewhere in the second quarter of 2013. Yay for Hiccup and Toothless.

Other than that, it’s all about music, performance arts and fine arts. I’m trying to sharpen (or build in my case) my arts abilities. I don’t wanna be a lone scientific person. How nice it would be if I were able to achieve both. Both types of arts have inspired me so much already. Now, if only there was something for me to draw..

Note I: The drawings were done in school while other people were doing some class decorations. Each sketch was allocated an average of 75 minutes each. I did two of them.

Note II: I have the full collection of the How To Train Your Dragon novel series. I’m now currently reading the fifth installment, How To Twist A Dragon’s Tale.

Note III: I loved that quote. Watching How To Train Your Dragon 5 times surely changes your perception in certain aspects.