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Bye March, Hello April

Quote of the day:
“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”
– Plato

With regards to the above, my exam results showed up today. I already took 5 papers home, one of which was a C+ grade.. The rest being mixed As. Just over a couple few days ago, I got an official, and printable, version of the invitation to Amanda’s pool party. Being a good friend and what not, I accepted the invite gladly.

One other complication still arose, one which first started in 2008. Yes, it was that night on the 27th of September, 2008, when I decided to “make history” for myself, though pretty much nobody would care considering it isn’t their history whatsoever.. I attempted (or at least bothered to search and try) to make a handmade bracelet in two days, only to realize I don’t know what materials were required.

Just great, something you wanted to plan which almost ended up in a total failure. I had advice from Guan You and Andrew back then, asking what would be a better gift. That gift would’ve been for Amanda, so it had to be the best I can give, regardless of what cost. I already knew her for two years that and then, wanting to let her know, but ultimately failed every time.

I told myself to tell her in 2007, but guess what.. I wasted enough time up to today, which is already somewhere in the middle of March 2010. Either way, I didn’t stop back in 2008. By coincidence, my mom actually decided to take us out shopping for random stuff. I happened to take my chance to look for the required materials.

Then again.. Somewhere on the ground floor, my mom spotted a gifts’ stall, or something that looked like one anyways. Having absolute zero abilities in arts or handicrafts, my mom suggested I get the stall keeper to make one bracelet with beads spelling out her name. I handed it to her on the next day during our usual badminton class. She seemed to have accepted it nicely, but that’s for her to know and for me to find out.

April is coming soon, which means Sweet 16 for her. I’d like to do something again once more, but either I have no guts, or I have no ideas. I’m getting Andrew’s help again, even now, though he seemed to have faced problems over the past two years of non-contact. There is nothing much to comment on overall.. It was a fun experience two years back. Now, I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or a requirement, a necessity or a waste. Humans are very complex organisms..

Least to say, March is over, April is coming. It’s time to open up some room for new things to come. Especially for me, change is a very vital and crucial act. For things to change, I must change first. That will be my aim for April. Signing out.

Extra notes: WrestleMania XXVI on the 29th of March, Astro Box Office, 6 PM!


Quote of the day:
“Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?”
– Peter McWilliams

Mistakes do help a lot.. Right, March, the month of everything. We have the exams, holidays, sports events, extra (yet sometimes necessary) pressure and other things going around. This time though, I will not fail to show my worth, be it my sports or exams.

A list of things that will be checked and updated regularly:
– Massive control on my gaming – STATUS: Complete
– Consistent studying on History – STATUS: Complete
– Consistent studying on Biology – STATUS: Complete
– Consistent studying on KOMSAS – STATUS: Complete
– Ace exams with perfect results – STATUS: Complete
– Feel content with new results – STATUS: Complete
– Get a total attitude adjustment – STATUS: Complete

I can’t screw myself any longer.. People are already showing up to me. No, I will not risk it, I must get perfect results within the next week.