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Hong Kong 2009

Quote of the day:
“There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you.”
– Carol Matthau

Right, the 5th day has finally ended and I returned from Hong Kong 10 hours before this post was made. I have to admit, after 7 long years of not traveling anywhere overseas, this is surely a great way to refresh the touring life. A quick review.

Day 1
– Stayed up until 3 AM for departure to LCCT
– Departure to Hong Kong @ 6 AM
– Arrival at Hong Kong @ 10 AM
– Rode the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars
– Visited the Tian Tan Big Buddha
– Visited more temples
– Visited Tung Chung St. a.k.a. Ladies’ Market
– Checked into Regal Oriental Hotel

Reviews on Day 1
It was tiring. Having to stay awake all day and without sleep even in the planes were problematic. Every bite I took, I got a headache. It was probably the side effects from not sleeping, but I wouldn’t have guessed otherwise. Later that night we walked through the Ladies’ Market, also known as the HK version of a night market. People were seriously everywhere and the roads were chock full of people. Similarly, McDonalds restaurants could be seen nearly at every corner of that region. We checked into two suites at a hotel later that night. The day ended, really cold.

Day 2
– Dim sum for breakfast
– Dim sum for lunch
– Dim sum for dinner
– More temple visiting
– More Tung Chung St.

Reviews on Day 2
That day was quite simple, really. More sightseeing and stuff. Took another round at Ladies’ Market and noticed a few cheap PS3 and XBox consoles, but didn’t buy any, for a reason that we wouldn’t be able to request for any technical assistance. Still stayed at Regal Oriental.

Day 3
– Visited Ocean Park
– Yet again another temple
– More walking
– Final night at Regal Oriental
– Visited Wax Museum
– View from Victoria’s Peak

Reviews on Day 3
Right, Ocean Park. Definitely one of the better theme parks that I’ve visited over the years. There were sea-based performances which included a few mascot seals and a couple of dolphins. There were also grand exhibitions of live aquatic animals which definitely brought my attention. Things to keep noted included a sleeping shark, giant stingrays (it also happened to be that sharks and stingrays are of the same family), flounders, jellyfishes, seadragons (something new), seahorses, eels, clownfishes and plenty more. Later that, we went into Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which had many lifelike wax figures. Some of those included Jackie Chan, Princess Diana, Pierce Brosnan, Tiger Woods.. And more. We topped off the night with a splendid view from Victoria’s Peak, and then with our last night at Regal Oriental.

Day 4
– Checked out of Regal Oriental Hotel
– Departure to Disneyland, Lantau Islands
– Checked into Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
– Enjoyed a full day at Disneyland
– Rode Space Mountain: “a turbulent roller coaster type ride with sharp turns, sudden drops and stops”
– Viewed Let It Snow Parade and fireworks display @ Disneyland

Reviews on Day 4
We left early that day to leave for Disneyland. That was probably the main attraction of this entire tour. The hotels were grand, but expensive. The theme park was divided into 4 primary sections, Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Fantasyland. Each had its own sort of attractions and performances. There’s more to include in this list, but it’d be too long for me to update it all at once. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have asked for a better parade and fireworks display in a long time. We also spent nearly HK $2000 worth of souvenirs. Expensive, yet memorable.

Day 5
– Checked out of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
– More Disneyland to finish it off
– A couple more souvenirs
– Departure to HKIA @ 5 PM
– Departure to LCCT @ 9 PM
– Arrival at LCCT @ 1 AM
– Left for home @ 1:30 AM
– Arrival at home @ 3 AM

Reviews on Day 5
Nothing really today. We took another 4 hours at Disneyland and then left straight for the airport. I guess it’s all straight from here. Something to add was that our flight was delayed by a half hour. We landed in LCCT where I actually got to feel that hot weather again. We arrived home later that night, all satisfied.


Anticipation and celebration

Quote of the day:
“Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.”
– Aesop

As criticizing as it is, that is true. All this time I’ve been looking for errors in myself to boost typically my own self in every aspect. I need to learn to adapt to this characteristic sooner or later.

4 hours and a half before my first lesson starts. Zheng Tom told me once before not to waste my first lesson trying to pick out an instrument, but it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice here. I was told to get recommendations, else it’d be me and my comfort going down the drain. December made its course a good start so far, having left with another 30 days or so before school starts for my last year.

Things to anticipate include the lessons and the trip to HK which is coming soon in a week or so. As for the celebrations, my youngest brother had his 9th birthday 5 days ago and there’s some wedding which happened next door. It was noisy the night before this, and I had a “free alarm” with the car horns honking in the morning at 10 am. I’ve nothing to add no more for this afternoon.