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Quote of the day:
“There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen.”
– Sean O’Faolain

I think that above quote suits my situation the best of all situations. Will it drag me further or pull me down?

Right, so it’s about.. 9 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes as of this post before my long-anticipated guitar lessons begin. Getting a little nervous..

November is going to end soon; that’s already obvious enough. Recently downloaded a remix, yet an unofficial one, of You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, Fearless. The author called it a Mero Dance Remix. It was awesome. And the fact is, the genius did it with only one program which I downloaded earlier, FL Studio 9. The program lets you do all sorts of music without having to use actual instruments by going through a massive MIDI synthesizing process.

I’ve been trying to fill my time with Frets On Fire X, otherwise known as FoFiX. Managed to complete some fixing on the Love Story and You Belong With Me fret boards. I tried to create new lines for the game, but indubitably failed most of the time. Right, so the game isn’t easy even when I composed my own note arrangements – just perfect. What do you call a game without difficulty anyways..

I also started by Form 5 education for certain subjects already. Sure a head start is good, yet I never expected this one would actually be the “thing” that would fill in for my free time. Guan You isn’t even around lately, him and his SPM. All the best. I just hope that things turn out my way this time around, or at least the things in my mindset anyways. The idea of going that far distance is still on track, and I’ll most certainly not give that up for anything in the world.


School at its end

Quote of the day:
“Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.”
– Baltasar Gracian

Yes, so the school holidays begin today, although I unofficially declared the holidays myself over two weeks ago.. Nonetheless, these holidays were worth looking forward to. Free time, some overseas trip, the beginning of me learning a guitar.. It’s all taking course. Scored pretty decent for my exams, with a shocker 91 for Chemistry and 98 for Add. Maths. It’s all good..

My essay for the final exams 2009. A mini-biography of someone I know. The word count is 837 for now. Graded a 44/50 for the overall results. One of the best essays I’ve ever written. This version will have several errors corrected without changing the word count. Here goes:

I grew up on a farm when I was young. I was always the person who would get picked around in school. Like every other kid, I had a best friend, or at least a very close one. Yeah, it was normal for me to be alone every time. I would usually run through my daily ramblings into a composition somewhere, be it a diary or a song.

I turned ten. Or eleven. The idea of writing my complications into a poem was already too normal by then. A poetry recital competition was to be carried out. I couldn’t help but participate in the event. Guess what? I actually won this one at national level. My parents told me I had a knack for performing arts somewhere.

This was true. I learned how to play the guitar when I was twelve. It was very special as I had always wanted an instrument to play. I used to practice on it until my fingers bled. Oh well, what gain is there without any effort? People started sticking around me whenever I was in class. It was either me or the guitar doing the talking. Obviously, they would only befriend talents.

My small poems turned into songs with the passing of time. All I would ever write about is love. You know you just could not change it. Anyway, I started to participate in singing competitions, most of them with the songs I wrote myself. I won a few of them, and placed in a few more. That and then, I went to join almost every competition in the state, It was a strange habit for me.

So yeah, it was math class one day. I got off a relationship with someone. I had to write this one down somewhere. To most people, this would only make it worse. Yet, no. The idea of a singing career popped up in my mind, but I was not confident. My best friend told me I should get on with it, and so I wrote a couple more songs.

This did not get me anywhere for the first few years. I turned fifteen and now started to have even more complications than before. I wrote an extremely long song some time around to explain my life at this point. You could not tell who you really were; a grown kid or a young adult. Not many people acknowledged the song, so this was not really important to them.

And the day comes. I was sixteen that day. But it did not feel like much so yeah, I went through it without much of a bother. Several months later, some people claiming to be those who manage record labels came to me. He claimed to have seen one of my performances some time ago. He requested for me to sign a deal with his company. Not only that, but I get to start that career I thought of years ago. I was really happy.

And so I did. I compiled some of my favorite songs and included it in an album named after myself. It was weird at the beginning, really. Having to record your first song was a thriller. Now the only thing to worry about was the listeners. Everywhere I performed, those people were like me. Then the thought of my song, aired throughout the nation scared me. About half a year later, I started to get some good reception. It was the beginning of my future.

Another year had passed and I released a second album of songs. It felt better to know there are fans waiting for more as compared to the starting point. Yeah, the second album marked more of my ramblings. It never occurred to me that all my personal details had been aired all over the world now. Then again, I thought to myself that every song I wrote had a special meaning in them. Of course, I did not take full credit. A small portion of the songs were co-written by another friend.

Yet another year passed. I was now nineteen. That would be today where I am writing all this. I won several awards for my performances this time around. Having to be chased by people on foot while you are in a fast vehicle is sure amusing. It did feel happy though, when you thank one of your fans. It placed a relieving feeling to know your efforts were paying off.

I went on tours recently and am still touring for a long time to come. You know they want you, and you go ahead. Sure, it is exhausting, but why lose out on the fun you get? I am to be twenty in a couple of months. I received another award recently. I thought back about the past about my gift in music. I was too grateful to have started my career only when I was sixteen. I was speechless and touched as it was the most memorable gift I ever had.

When two worlds collide

Quote of the day:
“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

The exams were over just recently. School is about to end in two weeks so the papers are gonna be settled quite quickly. There are schedules of things happening in the near future. Nonetheless, all of these need time to prepare for. I’ve received some partitions and full components of my papers yesterday; one of which was in a horrible grade. Add. Math was reversed so far, having a total 118 of 120 marks done, 60 more still unattended to.

Been trying to occupy myself with a game I play called Travian. Currently playing 2 servers, both surviving, in some sense. The very least is that it had trained my patience limit a little more, which will probably relax me when dealing with school situations. After all, building social skills is necessary for people like me.

Again, school is to be ending in a week or so. Many people have been absent this time around and things definitely got very mild in school. Playing cards, cellphones and radios are very easy to find now. My school year hasn’t ended yet; there are a few incomplete subjects remaining.

In my free time, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s music. She’s one of those people who actually sing, speaking her mind out in a poetic rhythm. These songs on her album even included some special and specific meanings in each and every one of them. Each message was marked with highlighted (capitalized or marked, not sure) within the lyrics in a straight order.

Here’s some of the few:
–> The Outside [Taylor Swift] – YOU ARE NOT ALONE
–> Our Song [Taylor Swift] – LIVE IN LOVE
–> Jump Then Fall [Fearless (Platinum)] – LAST SUMMER WAS MAGICAL
–> The Other Side Of The Door [Fearless (Platinum)] – WHAT I WAS REALLY THINKING WHEN I SLAMMED THE DOOR
–> Love Story [Fearless] – SOMEDAY ILL FIND THIS
–> White Horse [Fearless] – ALL I EVER WANTED WAS THE TRUTH
–> You Belong With Me [Fearless] – LOVE IS BLIND SO YOU COULDNT SEE ME*
–> The Best Day [Fearless] – GOD BLESS ANDREA SWIFT**
–> Change [Fearless] – YOU MADE THINGS CHANGE FOR ME

* – This was true during my past years. Nobody really noticed me.
** – She actually wrote this song for her mother.. How nice.

Nonetheless, I have to admit her songs are great. Never before have I seen anyone who is those close with his or her inner self. A new game called Band Hero was released for Wii, PS3 and XBox recently. Having no money to own any one console, I downloaded a program called Frets on Fire. I slowly took the time to place the notes with another program. Love Story and You Belong With Me (for the guitar section anyways) were both complete.

The game was definitely fun because everything was in tune. Having to know you succeed in something you enjoy is surely worthwhile for some satisfaction. I’m still caught between two worlds, one between ability and interest the other between admiration and skilfulness.. The year end holidays are about to begin and 2009 is fairly taking its course to the end.