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Delusions and illusions

Quote of the day:
“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”
– Frank Tibolt

That says something.. I had a dream last night, lucid apparently. It said something big enough. This post was done specially in the morning to remind me, in the near future, of what I can possibly accomplish. My desires are rising to a very high extent, least to say the quote above is about inspiration. Yes, my desires triggers actions, and actions generate inspirations, as stated above. I’m now caught in a cloud of darkness; split between two separate worlds. Both have very different definitions entirely.

My final exams are coming soon, two days from now. I should be studying, which I would, but these “figments” in my mind are trying to tell me something, but what..?

I’m still trapped in this wretched gap for now.. Desires are not impossible to achieve. They should be chased after with full might and willpower. I’ll have to build up my knowledge for now, for with knowledge, the impossible, shall reverse its way around.


The things to come

Quote of the day:
“Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command.”
– Alan Watts

I second that quote by all means. I came to learn that Amanda was struck by a H1N1 attack, which is quite sudden since she is and the only one of the people I truly know to have been infected with this illness. Took a small chat tonight, just to catch up on things. I recalled of the moments I was distracted before my PMR exams. Those were good times; they gave experience one way or another. More or less, it was relieving, but I’ll remain to my promise to retain in focus for the upcoming exams, be it the final ones or even SPM.

Time is closing in on itself. I have a rough 2 weeks to prepare for this exams. And it is exactly these exams which will determine my position. I cannot let external factors interrupt with the way of my life anymore. Neither can I allow myself to interfere with the plans of others. I’ve failed many times recently, but it seems that these things are more than meets the eye. Ideas cannot be kept..

Something must be done about them..

September Reviews

Quote of the day:
“It isn’t kind to cultivate a friendship just so one will have an audience.”
– Lawana Blackwell

September passed by real quickly due to the holidays that were circulating for the middle quarters of the month. It was 9 days straight, albeit it was empty throughout the week. The weight on school seemed lesser back then, although it came to triple its weight when October came. Not like I paid much attention anyway, so this didn’t affect me at all.

Least to say, I had a few interesting chat conversations with Fion and Guan You. It was entirely personal in a sense, yet it felt good to be really open. I got to know how having older “siblings” are, and it was good. Then came my birthday. Many thanks for the wishes I received. Well most of them weren’t even half sincere anyway. Special thanks to my parents and Chun Yip.

Things cut themselves loose a little around the ends. School started the day before my birthday and it resumed back to normal. It’s about time to get a wee bit more serious for I am taking the final exams in a couple of weeks. Managed to snag a brochure or some pamphlet from a friend of mine. Slowly taking the time to consider my available options..