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DPC: In-And-Now

Quote of the day:
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.”
– Confucius

I finally moved in already. Southlake; gives a very good feel about the environment. Ken Ju showed me around and we basically spent most of the term holidays together. It was good really, living in a triple storey house. Least to say, I told myself to adapt to a better and healthier lifestyle should I start to live here.

The house was provided to us on rent but the room that I now newly have has a great outside view plus a hotel-freezing temperature. All the fans were remotely controllable and the house was yellow all over. They also had guards standing at every corner of every road.. Of every residential area. A backtrack of what I encountered over the past few days.

20th Aug. 2009
– Moved into new home for first night
– Moved in half the boxes
– Slept my first night in a freezing room

22nd Aug. 2009
– Attended a birthday party in LeVenue

Suet Li and Eng Kian were both there. Least to say ex-Bestarian Jeh Ying was also there. It was strange somehow, having my own friends there when the birthday girl was a friend to my youngest brother. Awkward, but at least I now know how some of them act outside of school.

25th Aug. 2009
– Ye Kai’s birthday
– Switched my computer battery (RM455!)
– Finished Moral project @ Ken Ju’s home
– Took a first taste of Guitar Hero III

26th Aug. 2009
– Gained phone access
– Gained Internet access

Overall, the new home is nice, despite the stairs giving me exhaustion even though it was climbing just one floor. I went for walks every once in a while and I’m expecting more of it on weekends starting now on. It brings a very nostalgic feeling though, having lived in the old house for 14 years.


Mid-August on forth

Quote of the day:
“Let’s forget that stuff and try to think positively, alright?”
– Miranda Cosgrove

The second school monthly exams have recently ended. School started to go back into normal terms and work started to arise once more. There were slightly more crucial things that happened this month around. I’ve been announced that I’d be moving elsewhere somewhere near the end of September but due to a recent change of plans, it was pushed forward to early September.

Even more recently, I got word that it would be pushed to the end of this week. I’ve already started packing up some of my things while my mom cleared up some of the other more important stuff. The truck will be here in a few days so yeah, it’s finally being done. All of us, especially my two brothers, were all excited. Of course, this is the first move since they were born. They felt no sensation other than this before and neither have I.

I shot a few photos already as these will be my final words, days before I start shifting places. I’m going to miss this place badly once we move out.. Boy, do these 14 long years move by quickly.. Time flies a big distance without stopping.. Far too quickly..

A quick word: Happy Birthday to my friend, Lim Guan You. Albeit I’ve met you online and only online, it’s been 2-3 great years having fun with you. May our friendship last.

Quote of the day:
“The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”
– Alfred North Whitehead

More or less, that seems to be the lack of what had been going on for the past week. The second academic week for our school was carried out from the 27th till this recent Friday. Our class had to perform (or basically sing) a song for the opening ceremony. Practice sessions were held before that but with terrible coordination. I was very much lacking in spirit and participation but I didn’t bother much with it.

I cleared up more of the recent releases of the iCarly episodes and I learned several things. I thought and I thought of the true meaning in life. Consistent it was, for sure, but I couldn’t get several things straight like how our minds would even work. As to the quote, ideas won’t keep – something must be done about them. True it may be that my ideas are a little over yet my desires are what that are keeping and driving me forward.

Long I have wished for something like that to happen but no, it wouldn’t come out as easily as I expected. In other regions, possibly, but I knew that it would be much later than I would’ve already known after learning a little more. I learned that time teaches one many things. Many things are broken due to the existence of time, yet time heals those which have been broken in the first place. It took me a while to notice how easy it was for other people; but not in a way I thought.

They learned manually and knowing them, some of it wouldn’t even be actual reality. It was just a play; an act; an illusion. Who knows? It might have been real – but I’d have to ask that person myself. It was the beginning of my time, the time in which I settled many things. My curiosity has been going up ever since then. I’m required to concentrate strongly now if my desires and were to be accomplished but still, how nice it would’ve been to get just one taste of it, one taste of achievement in that desire; just once.