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Mighty Minds

Quote of the day:
“Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.”
– Colin Powell

Before everything else, Happy 43rd Birthday to my dad and all other 26th July birth people.

A lot of things happened today. Last night, watched an iCarly movie which lasted at least one hour (although bugged, it went 700 MB, 4 hours of downloading!) until 2 am. I was forced to wake up around 6:30 am this morning, but didn’t budge until say 7:30 am. Hon called me; I quickly refreshed myself and started walking in cold air. It had rained the night before.

When I got there, 5 other people appeared: Wen Tze, Chin Xing, Florence, Kar Men and Mr. Yoges. I walked to the concourse only to find out we had no bus or whatsoever form of transport; disaster. A last resort came and a bus (more like a van which had the word “bus” at the side) came to our presence. Chit-chatted in the van while heading off to Berjaya Times Square. We got there; that’s for sure but when we thought we were late, we were early 5 minutes.

The first round commenced and we were given this remote (which I thought was impossible to use on computers). My team scored 130 of 200 points which was enough to qualify for the next round. Strangely, Chin’s team DID NOT qualify so who’s the smarter one? Still, the competition was partially unfair since most of the competition were Form 5 students (or at least I think they were).

We went past the first round and proceeded to the second. The MC told us to be ready by 12:15 pm but they didn’t even finish with the second group until about a half hour later, or more. We were required then, to build a waste picker using 30 ice cream sticks, a small spring, a bolt of string, a bolt, a screw, a screwdriver and some paper. We had stupid ideas coming over and over. Eventually, we finished, it looked like it does not function and Hon called it a dog poop scooper.

Short to say, the second half of the events was a disaster. We failed to possess even a little bit of money but what can we do? It is our first (or just mine) participation in these sorta events. We went back soon after the notification of our loss. More chatting took place in the van on the way back to school and some simple conversations were built.

WEI HON: I’m sorry I wasted your first try, Shaun.
WEN TZE: HON?! I’ll kill you if you say that again.

WEI HON: (Yells at Chin Xing) Lim Pe asking you something!
SHAUN: Lim Pe asking who..?
(Florence laughs.)

WEI HON: (Slapping me, sleeping) WAKE UP! We arrived your second home!
SHAUN: Don’t wake me up.. Zzz..
(Everyone laughs uncontrollably.)

WEI HON: Who’s your father? Mr. Loo right? What’s your mom’s name? Mrs. Loo?
FLORENCE: No.. Mrs. Tan.
WEI HON: Oh my..
FLORENCE: (Interrupts) NO! Not THAT Mrs. Tan!

Or so it seemed that way. We hit school eventually. Wen Tze took a first round home followed by Chin. Hon walked back the moment the bus stopped. Florence left the bus early due to her dad. Soon after, Kar Men left and it was my turn. I walked back home, ate a few cheeseburgers and came typing this post. It was a fun day, definitely. Victorious, yet the opposite after that. All-in-all, once in a lifetime experience.


Awards of 2008

Quote of the day:
“Your goal tomorrow; it may not be the same as the goal you have today.”
– Ong Choon Yee

My new Add Maths / Physics tutor (as of Jan. 2009) told me that while I was asking some important questions yesterday and two days before this. The advice was great and sincerely, thanks a lot.

The annual prize giving ceremony was held today at the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I went there for two separate awards; one for top achievement in subject Maths in Form 3, another for a High Distinction in the UNSW (University of New South Wales, Australia) Maths exam back in 2008. My parents were shooting me with all kinds of hopes and dreams and obviously some compliments and bragging to Ahmad’s parents especially and without them, these awards wouldn’t even be mine, so thanks as well.

I too had many “comments” on my personal appearance during the ceremony. Some said I was appearing smart, some said I was overly mature and some said I was downright weird, which is completely normal. Nonetheless, the event this year was pretty much better than last year, disregarding the fact less people attended the events today. I even managed to eat half the food they served compared to last year, whereby I ate just mushrooms and then fled the place.

The fact that my social organization is building had turned to be obvious, especially to me, though it may not be clear to others. Life is slowly building up for me and the idea of “realizing my dream” is getting reinforced day by day. Credits will be given at the most appropriate time; that I will assure.

(Note to self: Add event pictures for commemoration.)

Quote of the day:
“I’ve been acting since I was three. An agent walked up to me. I was actually dancing at a restaurant. Taste of LA, heard of it?”
– Miranda Cosgrove

This line was taken from an interview that took place about a rough six years ago.

^ a b Chau, Thomas. “An interview with the kids of School of Rock”.
Cinema Confidential (UGO).
Archived from the original on 2007-09-27.

It reminded me of a dream I had two years ago; a dream of going a grand distance from where I am now. It will take a lot for me to go through this “adventure” of mine but I’ll have to face reality first. I’ve taken several measures and countermeasures in aiming to make the impossible possible. Some patience and repeated effort will be required but I hope that the time drainage will remain as low as possible. Until then, I will need to secure my future within the next two years, if I were to succeed in this dream. Consistent effort will be needed, and so if a little bit of luck comes through..

July: The Middle Run

Quote of the day:
“True love brings up everything – you’re allowing a mirror to be held up to you daily.”
– Jennifer Aniston

A bunch of events popped throughout the month, even one was carried out today – the Mentor-Mentee program for librarians. I was expecting a wetter program this year but turns out, only about half the number of people I expected turned up for the program. As a result, the events were cut up too short, making the program end too early.


Azmin holding quiz papers.


May Yen ordering and commanding. A dude climbed onto another dude.


A little more of this.


Phatcha unaware of the capture.


Terry wearing Chin Xing’s shirt.


After the events.


May Yen – Freetime posing.

After all the events, I came to find that several emotions are uncontrollable. It took a bit of time for me to realize that, that these emotions shroud the mind with all kinds of obstacles. I have to be patient, but something is telling me to go past these barriers. I have been showing signs time and over again in front of people. These things are just not controllable – it will need some time.

July: The Opening

Quote of the day:
“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”
– Victoria Holt

June 2009 just threw itself to an end. The report cards were in and there were good news and bad news.

The good news:
– Got 5th place of 24 students in my class
– Watched Transformers 2, who doesn’t like? (Okay maybe a few people)
– Got to LV79 on my Windbreaker

The bad news:
– Plenty of birthdays in July which means present-begging and bragging
– End of the free 2x EXP they gave throughout June
– More work, basically
– More sleep needed

Transformers 2 was great. First, Optimus fought, then he “died” (I don’t know how to put it for robots, malfunctioned?) and then “alive” again. Sources told me there will be a Transformers 3 in 2011 but is yet to be confirmed. I’ve been invited to a party (apparently a huge one) at Sunway later this weekend, then transportation problems arise. Only the first few weeks and there were already several conflicts.

Life other than that is all normal, besides the fact more and more school work is adding up. I’ve been reminded several times by a friend of mine to get her a present, or maybe more than just several times.. In addition comes the party, which adds up to the tension. Heck, that’s life. We cannot change what we can do, but what we do can change everything.

Day 008 – LV57 to LV59
Day 009 – LV59 to LV61
Day 010 – LV61 to LV63
Day 011 – LV65 to LV67
Day 012 – LV67 to LV71 (2x card)
Day 013 – LV71 to LV72
Day 014 – LV72 to LV73
Day 015 – LV73 to LV74
Day 016 – LV74 to LV75
Day 017 – LV75 to LV76
Day 018 – LV76 to LV77
Day 019 – LV77 to LV79 (double!)
Day 020 – LV79 to LV79 (did not even play)
Day 021 – LV79 to LV79 (unchanged)

Signing out.