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Quote of the day:
“It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.”
– James Thurber

That above quote matches the fact I don’t really pay attention to questions…

Many of the exam papers returned today, including Bio which I had scored 72 (marks are still unconfirmed), Physics which I had scored 81 (close to an A1, but not close enough) and a shocker for Moral, a meager 52. My Add Maths papers were bumped up 1 mark in total, bringing it to a 93.

Maple was a different thing. I still managed to push myself ahead 2 levels, bringing Day 007 from LV55 to LV57. Great achievement all the while, but still great. I got a scroll at the cost of 1.2 million mesos earlier today and in the training process, 1.3 million was regained. Even on my storage character, another 1.2 million was earned over the “Burning Maple Leaf Project”.

More exam papers and more game fun is bound to be experienced soon. It is now officially the beginning of a completely new semester for the year.


Quote of the day:
“Life’s a climb, but the view’s great.”
– Hannah Montana: The Movie

PS: This post dates back to 15th June 2009.

Two movies in one go last Saturday and Sunday. Hannah Montana on Saturday, Terminator Salvation on Sunday. Didn’t expect this one coming from anywhere but hey, when life gives you lemons, you make juicy lemonade from it.

School definitely reopened today and I got a little bit more than what I had bargained. First and foremost, Add. Maths, I scored a great 92, four marks above the previous exams. An improvement is always an improvement. History was an even better bargain. All the while I was sure I was gonna fail, but turns out, a pitiful 45 came out making a simple pass. Lucky indeed.

The Knights of Cygnus have been released over the course of about 5 days in MapleSEA. I pushed up during my free time and these were the results.

Day 001: LV1 to LV31
Day 002: LV31 to LV37
Day 003: LV37 to LV45
Day 004: LV45 to LV47 (movie day)
Day 005: LV47 to LV53
Day 006: LV53 to LV55 (today)

Of course things tend to improve from time to time. This definitely beats the LV125 Bow Master (611 days spent) in terms of time. Nonetheless, we do what we do best. Some are evil, some are kind, but all of us shall always speak our mind.

Events in and out

Quote of the day:
“It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.”
– Jean Nidetch

PS: This post dates back to 7th June 2009.

The above quote makes total sense at the end of this latest post. Had to wake pretty early (9:15 am) this morning (early? My regular wake time is at about 12 pm!) for several things:

1. I went bowling with my ex-tutor (and probably the last time I’ll see her until the next 2 years?).
2. A special ASGF (Asiasoft Game Fest) ’09 was taking place at 1U.

The area was just splendid. I took my simple breakfast within the bowling zone; a simple plate of roti bakar plus some regular drink. A few rounds commenced, I won some, I lost some, normal ain’t it? Next came the special events. The vicinity was plain packed with about a hundred people trying win stuff for grabs. Those included shirts, discs (yes, DVDs for at least three game clients), credit (phone and game) cards and pretty much anything fan-worthy.

It was the official release of the Chinese version of Maple Story E2+. Questions were asked and those loyal and supportive gained all sorts of prizes.

Stuff included this ball and a redeemed decal for computers, right over here..


Since the inscription on the ball (I have like 9 of them; they were free) is blur, here’s a closer look.


Oh, and a pen? Right there. Front and back view.


They also awarded a whopper 10x EXP for 10 minutes at the expense of RM72 for a 30k @-Cash card. It was plenty fun alright. The EXP which I had capped for 5 days were outnumbered (literally) within 10 minutes. Great right? The rest of the event was filled with lucky draws (I was gone by then) and some dance performances (I was there). The MC there was throwing out all sorts of free stuff, even bundles of @-Cash cards in one go. Crowded indeed, being bashed towards the back of the audience.