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All cleared up

Quote of the day:
“Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.”
– Wally ‘Famous’ Amos

The mid-year exams were recently cleared. Pretty much the whole of Form 4 claimed that I’ve got the top in Physics for paper 1, to the extent that whenever I asked for their scores, they’d just yell back, adding some offensive statements. It’s not like I haven’t got enough back in primary school. Hopelessly miserable indeed.

The huge meat of papers were easier than I expected, i.e. Biology. Add. Maths was barely bearable. Of course, it’s the usual fake-it-to-boost-their-confidence thing I do. Then again, every time I do that, I get told I’m boasting around. People just get the rough side of me in my class, the perceiving part at least.

Least to say, there’s a huge 2-week break that probably all of us earned. Least there and then I can relax a lil’ bit and not bother about school for a wee while. I just hope by the time the gates reopen, good results are waiting for me.


Resting day

Quote of the day:
“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils…”
– Louis Hector Berlioz

Comment: The statement above is never wrong. You learn, but you die from learning.

Today was practically a free day. As soon as the chemistry papers ended, the entire class (except for a handful few) was free to do well, whatever they like (limited obviously). I spent my time with a few other people studying for biology. Thing was, my teacher was giving me guidelines for my life, which I found useful and some other random information. For example, anyone knows how a blanket functions?

I got a book from him entitled Superbrain. The author mentioned something about Radiant Thinking; how our thinking explodes like a Sun (when I saw this, I thought of the Earth colliding onto Mars and the chances of that occuring tomorrow). They also came with a theory that..

Mind Mapping + Increased Reading Speed & Comprehension + Enhanced Memory Powers = Dramatic SUCCESS

True what they said. Here’s another equation for artists:

Eyes + Hands + Brain = DRAWING

Completely made sense. Either way, biology and additional maths exams tomorrow. I’m just hoping I don’t blow any kind of stupid mistake like I did with the first exam. All the best.

Random boredom

Quote of the day:
Men are born with two eyes, but only one tongue, in order that they should see twice as much as they say.”
– Charles Caleb Colton

I came across that quote just a few seconds before I was gonna write this post. Coincidental? Well, who knows..

For some unknown reason, my internet crashed for about two days and I had no idea of the source. Two days later, otherwise known as today, the internet restored itself. My point, I don’t know exactly. The exams are not done yet. There’s at least Add. Maths, Biology and EST to go.

Preparation is once again mandatory, but I can’t seem to get myself going. There’s also Chemistry 2 for tomorrow, but my tutor claims that I’ve enough preparation already. Confidence is already wavering as each minute passes by. I got word that my previous tutor for PMR is leaving to continue her studies in the US. Sure was outta nowhere, but at least I got notified. Until then, thanks for the last 8 years of teaching.

Things were oh-so-boring, until last night, that is. I took a long look at my massive pile of PS2 CDs and found something old which I got a year back or so. Burnout 3: Takedown. The was mainly racing, yes, but it was manipulated in so many strange ways. First, they had this game mode called the Crash Junction. The objective, smash yourself into traffic and you’ll be scored on how many vehicles you totaled. How easy is that?

Even the standard racing features were enhanced, but not in a way anyone would expect. How if a text saying “Concrete Kiss” came out once you hit something and total your own car? Something to really anger out (or the other way around, amusing them) yourself, once you crash, they’ll explain the damages caused. I got a “Windows broken + 0.5 ft nose grind + 5 ft wall grind + Into taxi + Into wall” or some sorta explanation that looks like that when a rival put a Takedown on me.

Nonetheless, I now realize what life without the Internet is. Pitiful isn’t it?

Exam week

Quote of the day:
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
– Albert Einstein

Day 4 of the mid-year exams had just gone through and passed. English was cake. Who knew that I would be able to write a 593-word synopsis on Avatar and still end the last line with a given phrase? Truly luck? Maybe so, maybe not.

The physics paper was manageable, least to say. Physics 2 was probably the toughest part. After all, it had about what, many structured questions. I was directly confused with nearly half the questions. Paper 3 was great. Probably free 30 out of 40 marks from the paper. All I’m depending on now is that I don’t make some kinda goof-off mistake or whatever. I must stick to my target – 4 A1’s in 4 fixed subjects.

I’m having my maths and chemistry papers tomorrow. Honestly, I did almost no preparation for maths, three reasons for this:
I – People claim that I’m too smart, but am I?
II – My foundation is probably good enough that I don’t need to study.
III – I’m just plain lazy.

Well either way, preparation is a must, for the SPM papers are not gonna answer themselves. My chemistry had been greatly pushed forward, thanks to a great teacher of mine, coincidentally with a good name to match, even. Elvis – Who doesn’t like that name?

Other than that, I’ve been getting mushroom soup as soon as I got back from school for the past 1.. 2.. Maybe half a week in a row. Got struck by fever on the 14th of May, was never good. Up to now, the cough is KILLING me, literally. I’m just hoping by the end of this week, the virus fades off..